Frequently Asked Questions

What is Datumforms?

Datumforms is a software platform that serves as your all round nest for data capturing and analytical needs at scale. Customer satisfaction is very dear to us hence we provide a seamless interface for organisations to connect with their customers and gain insights in this ever changing competitive market. By choosing df, you choose quality, reliability, simplicity, confidentiality and around the clock research expert to assist with everything survey.

Why choose Datumforms?

Every business thrives on accurate data to make actionable insights and projections into the future to drive growth. Be a data driven business to make strategic decisions and Datumforms make all these goals realistic.

· Increase and maintain long lasting brand loyalty by understanding customer orientation and making recommendations to stay a step of your competitors as a brand.

· Take ownership of your surveys or projects by creating, customising, managing your dashboard, allocating admin controls, managing multiple users and also tracking.

· conduct surveys personally or leave it in the hands of our research expert to deliver the results you need.

· Data can be collected offline based on nature of survey.

· Conformity with all the regulatory requirements and secured encryption to enhance data confidentiality.

Is your data accurate?

The backbone of every organization is fuelled by quality accurate, from customer experience to competitor strategies and as such we are esteemed to be entrusted to drive these engagements to make our clients happy. We have a dedicated panel and reliable respondents who accurately provide us with data and analytics which correctly reflects consumer pattern and behaviour. Also, on our platform cannot be deleted neither can it be hacked.

Do you have your own panel?

Datumforms has a panel to enable our clients reach their audience in real time across different demographics, markets, and locations to provide accurate data to influence marketing strategies.

More questions?

We appreciate your interest in knowing more about us and would be happy to answer all your questions.